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Wusthof Xline Cook“s Knife - 4782 / 16 cm
Wusthof Xline Cook“s Knife - 4782 / 16 cm

Sabatier Cooks Knife - 8 inch
[Sabatier Knives]

MPN: 9432

Price: £43.91 £39.99

Sabatier Knives - by Veritable Sabatier
Genuine Sabatier Knives - made in France using traditional methods.

Sabatier knives from France, complete with traditional brass riveted handles. Forged blades, a full tang, and hand honed blades make this a Professional quality knife.
Sabatier have, of course, been popular with both chefs and home cooks for generations.

The cooks knife is the most suitable knife for chopping herbs and vegetables. It is also the most efficient knife to use for portioning hard root vegetables and cabbages. The 10 inch cooks knife is a large size cooks knife.

Sabatier Knives - the details

  • Fully forged blades made from high carbon stainless steel
  • Hand honed edges
  • Full tang for balance and stability
  • Bolster for safety
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle
  • Handles fixed with 3 brass rivets.

    Lifetime Guarantee - in normal use

    Sabatier Knives - care and use

  • ADVICE - we recommend that all knives are washed individually and immediately after use - ideally in luke warm water with a soft sponge. Knives should then be dried and stored. This is the safest way to clean knives - no rubbing required, and it is the best way of reducing corrosion. Stainless steel - from any manufacturer - is never 100% rustproof and may be attacked by food acids -such small blemishes can be removed with a metal cleaner.
  • ADVICE - we recommend that you sharpen your knives regularly - preferably every time that you use them. They will perform better and will be safer to use. A sharp knife is a safe knife - accidents happen most often with dull knives.
  • ADVICE - knives should never be stored loose in a drawer - it's unsafe and it will dull the edges. Knife blocks and magnetic racks both keep knives safe and protect their edges.
  • ADVICE - never chop onto steel, glass or marble - these surfaces are too hard and will quickly dull your knives. Wooden or plastic boards are more suitable.
  • ADVICE - never abuse a knives - they are not can opener and should never be used to chop onto bones - only a meat cleaver is suitable for this job. Do not chop onto frozen foods or other hard objects, this will irreparably damage your knives.
  • - Please keep knives out of the reach of children.

    Sabatier Knives - Professional Quality Knives from France

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